"Roger creates the whole package. You don't just buy a painting from him, you take home an experience. He not only does the painting, but he creates his own frames to enhance each piece. Be sure to get his story of what lead him to create each piece.  It's  priceless."  -- Nancy, Minnesota

"I love the nature in Roger’s work. It reminds me of my life experiences when I was younger, exploring Alaska and the north woods.  I have purchased framed artwork for my log home, and it matches perfectly to our lifestyle today. Roger brings memories to life." -- Mary, Wisconsin

"Roger does not paint his subjects happy and animated.  Instead, he captures the side of people when they are in their own private space in quiet contemplation.  It is the face that they rarely show the world." -- Annie, Florida

"I have utilized Roger's restoration services on many paintings over the years and have been extremely pleased with both the quality of the work and the timeliness!  Additionally, I own a couple originals that I love, pieces that "spoke to me" and I still enjoy them every day!  AA+++ all the way!" -- Ben, Tennessee

"I love my little painting of Silver Mine, British Columbia. The frame that Roger handcrafted specifically for the painting makes it extra special to me." --  Jenny, Minnesota

"I am a huge fan of Roger's art and have been for many years.  He is an extremely talented and gifted artist.  We have many of his paintings in our home.  Each piece brings us joy and pleasure on a daily basis." -- Walt, Georgia

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