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Roger Nielsen Framed Art Print-97_edited.jpg

"I’ve admired Roger’s works over the years and have a few of his works hanging in my place. I love his use of color and light to capture scenic vistas, and moon rises and sunsets through the seasons. Plus, his hand-crafted frames are exquisite—themselves works of art."

2019.01.16End of the Portage 11x14canvas.JPG

"Roger Nielsen's serene and subtle artistic style is equally effective whether he's painting rural scenes, portraits, or flowers.  In each case he beautifully and quietly captures the essence of his subjects. The individually designed and meticulously crafted frames enhance the appeal and quality of each work of art."

South Dakota Farms 16x7 board cropped.jpg

"My favorite pieces of art are the ones that I purchased from Roger Nielsen.  I love the nature scenes that he creates.  He captures the 'mood' of nature so well.  I have an ice fishing scene, canoers on a lake, and a fishing boat at a dock.  The frames he makes match the art so well, it completes the effect.  I look forward to when I can see more of his work in the near future." 


Roger Nielsen Art Print-36.jpg

"Roger has an amazing ability to create vivid and realistic productions of life on canvas.  We purchased an outstanding Buffalo painting as a gift, and we loved it so much we wish we could have kept it.  We treasure our paintings from Roger.  A real bonus is his custom frame work.  He is a true craftsman as well as a fine artist.  We look forward to purchasing more art from Roger."




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