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Enjoy my work!

Roger Nielsen Framed Art Print-97_edited.jpg

Nature & Landscapes

In my youth, I fantasized about living on a remote island in the Canadian wilderness, submitting wildlife paintings and drawings for magazine covers.  My major influences have been Francis Lee Jaques and Philip Goodwin, true naturalists.  Their influence and my love of nature continue to show in my work.

Roger Nielsen Framed Art Print-94_edited.jpg

People & Portraits

My mother instilled in me the beauty of the human body -- a fascinating, intriguing and challenging subject. To complement my artwork, I personally design and handcraft the picture frame, creating a total package.



I rarely produce abstract works, but I do enjoy the creative process.


Sketches & Doodles

I’ve always loved to draw. As a kid, when I stayed with relatives or had a babysitter, my mother always said, “If Roger gets bored or rambunctious, just give him paper and a pencil.”


Sometimes, as a painter, we forget about sketching, other than for studies for our painting, not a statement on its own. On a recent trip to Brazil, I took a sketchbook and did a series of drawings to be viewed on their own merit. They varied from quick little doodles to more refined subjects. You might say, I have rediscovered drawing for its own sake.

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